Due South Tattoo & Art Expo 2018

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2018 Seminar Schedule – More coming soon!

The Fundamentals of Character Design

Seminar by Frank La Natra: @franklanatra

Due South: Sunday March 25th 12-4pm

We spend so much time focusing on the technical aspects of tattooing that we tend to neglect the fundamentals of drawing. This is the foundation that all great art is built upon and will translate into your tattooing. We tend to forget about our basic shapes and perspective which can sometimes leave our drawings looking odd or a bit off.

This course will take you back to those roots and help you to understand how to draw from the ground up. All great characters start from an understanding of complex shapes at their most rudimentary form.

Seminar- Will focus on:

  • Using basic shapes in 3 dimensional space
  • Sketching and gesture drawing
  • Characterizing animals from reference
  • Head studies including facial features, expressions and defining characteristics
  • Lines of action and motion
  • Strong Silhouettes
  • Giving life to your creations

We will be drawing in this course so please bring:

  • Digital or Traditional drawing materials
  • Animal references
  • Your imagination

Attendees will receive:

  • My Brand New "Atmospheric Landscapes" ink set FREE to the 1st 5 people to register.
  • Soft cover companion book based on the seminar. 

-- Cost $200 / Course Length: 4 hours
To Register, email me at:

The Fundamentals of Character Design

Seminar by Dave Tevenal: @davetattoos

Due South: Sunday March 25th 4pm-7pm

"The Illustrative Attack" will cover the process I take from paper to tattooing. All participants will receive a print and supply list, and obviously some knowledge I've gained over the years of repeatedly making mistakes until things worked.

This covers more than in my videos, and we dive deeper into the stuff that spans from paper and digital into the realm of tattooing.

I encourage attendees to bring your own art supplies, but be mindful that you’ll be sharing the space with other people so don’t go overboard with it. I will make time make time for questions and will be giving feedback to those who desire it for their own work.

Cost $120 / Course Length: 3 hours

If you have any questions, contact me at:

To Register, go to the Ticket Booth at the show.

Drink & Draw

hosted by Russ Abbott & TattooSmart:
@russabbott @tattoosmart

Due South: Sunday March 23rd
- Directly after convention closes to the public -

Drink & Draw is a FREE SEMINAR for Attending Artists, hosted by Tattoo Smart and Russ Abbott. Artists are invited to join us to hang out, work on your latest design, and learn new techniques for Procreate and Clip Studio Paint.