Due South Tattoo & Art Expo 2018


MAY 10, 1957 Carver Commodore Pruitt is standing on the back porch of his farmhouse on the outskirts of Florence, AL when he notices an orb of light falling from the sky. Upon its impact, Carver examines the orb. While doing so, the mysterious light rolls toward him and stops, as if to look right into his soul. After a few seconds of searching for a sane explanation, the orb rolls back to its point of impact and ascends back to the Heavens. Carver tells his brother what he saw. Carver explains his belief that the orb was a premonition of sorts warning him that his end is near. He asks his brother to tend to his wife and farm so he can attend church and accept Jesus into his heart. Three days after doing so, Carver Commodore is struck by a car on his way home from work. He is pronounced dead on sight. Payton Pruitt and Phillip Blevins, founding members of the folk rock band The Bear & the Bride, felt the winds of change coming as they watched each of their other band mate’s artistic visions and changing geographical locations begin to naturally dissolve one of the Florence, Alabama’s most promising and energetic young acts; even after releasing their well-regarded debut full length album. These circumstances begged the question: should the two of them continue to carry the torch of the band they lovingly formed with their friends or forge a different path altogether? Deciding to lean into the tension of this question, Pruitt and Blevins carried on the name for a season. But during this process, a new creative instinct beckoned them to journey in a different direction, and in turn, their new indie rock incarnation was birthed. Enter Carver Commodore. Taking the name of Pruitt’s enigmatic and superstitious great uncle, Pruitt and Blevins have christened their new vision with a sense of fun and brash southern charm to honor their band’s namesake. Where The Bear & the Bride was forthright and direct about matters of life and faith, Carver Commodore kicks down the abstract back door and lets the ghosts inside dance in the backyard as the cicadas pop quarters in the Rock ‘N Roll jukebox.


Skoobie is a 7 piece Funk/Soul band based out of Ocean Springs, MS. The band draws its influences from popular Soul music in the 70’s and 80’s.
Sounds Like:
Lettuce, Blackwater Brass, Soulive, Rick James, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Sly and the Family Stone, RHCP, Herbie Hancock